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Hire experienced data experts who can improve your business outcomes through data extractions and visu- alizations. Save on hiring costs, receive personalized service, and reduce time-to-hire. PDG will help you obtain the perfect technical and cultural fit unique to your personal business needs.

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Discover New Business Insights

Harness the skills of data science experts and utilize predictive analyt-ics to proactively evaluate business problems

Personalized Service

We believe that clear, constant, and consistent communication is of the utmost importance. Your needs are always our top priority.

The Perfect Fit

Our team of industry experts understand how to find the ideal fit for your team. We strive to provide you with only top talent in the data science space

30-Day Replacement Guarantee

If for some reason you are not satisfied with your data scientist, no problem! We will find a replacement within 30 days, at no cost.

We believe building an effective team requires
industry knowledge

We provide both enterprises and startups with top data science talent to enhance their business operations and provide data-driven insights that inform decision-makers and shape the future of their companies. PDG knows how to provide you with the ideal technical and cultural fit to suit your unique business needs. Our process-driven approach results in quick time-to-hire, and takes the burden of a tiresome hiring process off you.
Prestige Development Group Typical Recruitment Freelancing
Time to Find a Perfect Match 1 – 2 Weeks 1 – 3 Months 2 – 4 Weeks
Quality Assurance Guaranteed Guaranteed Not Guaranteed
Hiring Cost Low High Low – Medium
Team Integration Fast Moderate Fast Moderate Moderate Slow
Termination Cost Low High Medium
Communication Efficiency Medium – High High Low – Medium

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This is how we find top data scientists
for your team


Step 1. Discovery

We schedule an intake call with the hiring manager to align our eorts with your company’s needs.

Step 2. Candidate selection

Based on our intake, we interview and select candidates who would be the best technical and cultural t to strengthen your business.

Step 3. Candidate evaluation

We send over our data science candidates for you to review, interview, and select.

Step 4. Get started!

After being selected, our data scientist will be onboarded to your team. They will get started extracting, visualizing, and presenting data to solve your business problems.

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