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About Us

PDG is a team of Software Developers that are innovative leaders in disruptive industries. In order to effectively meet stringent application development initiatives while navigating a tight labor market; Software Development Departments are faced with the demand to outsource.
Prestige Development Group is a US-based software development company that provides businesses with custom web application development, and nearshore developers on demand. Our process partners with CTO’s and VP’s of Software Development to augment internal teams by building nearshore development teams through an effective methodology of technically vetting these candidates, and evaluating the ideal candidate for the perfect business cultural fit. We know how to navigate the software development recruiting environment, stay current with the latest recruiting technology, and have the resources to scale capacity to meet hiring demands. Prestige Development Group brings people, technology, process, and metrics into your application development initiatives.
As a female owned business, founded by our CEO Tiffany Sequeira, Prestige has a passion for giving back and a commitment to establishing social programs for abused and battered women.


We are out of the box thinkers, deeply passionate and committed to our customers success, socially responsible and masters of unique talents.
Tiffany - ABOUT US
Tiffany Jorge Sequeira
Chief Executive Officer
Nabeel - ABOUT US
Nabeel Zafar
Full Stack Developer
McKenna Cowen - ABOUT US
Mckenna Cowen
Senior Technical Recruiter II
Jessica Janssen - ABOUT US
Michael Belcher
Technical Recruiting Lead
Michael Belcher - ABOUT US
Jessica Janssen
Technical Recruiting Lead
Selena Ponce - ABOUT US
Selena Ponce
Technical Business Manager
Charlie Savannah - ABOUT US
Charlie Savannah
Technical Recruiter
Alaric Adams - ABOUT US
Alaric Adams
Technical Recruiter
Tina Luo - ABOUT US
Tina Luo
Technical Recruiter II
Tiana De Becker - ABOUT US
Tiana De Becker
Sofware Development Sourcing Specialist
Connie Baker - ABOUT US
Connie Baker
Accounting Clerk
Sheila DeGrace - ABOUT US
Sheila DeGrace
Sofware Development Sourcing Specialist
Aileen Headshot - ABOUT US
Aileen Rose Cruz
Social Media Assistant
Cruz J Avila Sequeira - ABOUT US
Cruz J Avila Sequeira
Service Delivery Manager
Prakash Chandra - ABOUT US
Prakash Chandra
Technical Recruiter
Anusha - ABOUT US
Anusha Ajith
Web Designer
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