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PDG’s Developers on Demand program offers both onshore and nearshore software development talent that both startups and enterprises integrate into their teams to drive success within their organizations. Our developers have expertise in a wide range of tech stacks and industries and are capable of tackling any project and collaborating with any team.

Onshore - Developers on Demand

On shore

Technology agnostic,
industry expert developers based in the US.

Nearshore - Developers on Demand


Technology agnostic,
industry expert developers based in the US.

Areas of Expertise

Solution - Developers on Demand


Mobile - Developers on Demand


Front End - Developers on Demand

Front End

Data Scientist - Developers on Demand

Data Scientist &
Machine Learning

Back End - Developers on Demand

Back End

Full Stack - Developers on Demand

Full Stack

Cloud - Developers on Demand


DevOps - Developers on Demand



new 1 - Developers on Demand

Complete Your Projects

Harness the skills of software development experts and utilize their expertise across a variety of tech stacks and industries to fill gaps in your team and complete your projects on time and on budget.
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Personalized Service

We believe that clear, constant, and consistent communication is of the utmost importance. Your needs are always our top priority.
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The Perfect Fit

Our team of industry experts understands how to find the ideal fit for your team. We strive to provide you with only top software development talent.
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30-Day Replacement Guarantee

If for some reason you are not satisfied with your software developer, no problem! We will find a replacement within 30 days, at no cost.

We believe building an effective team requires
industry knowledge

We provide both enterprises and startups with top data science talent to enhance their business operations and provide data-driven insights that inform decision-makers and shape the future of their companies. PDG knows how to provide you with the ideal technical and cultural fit to suit your unique business needs. Our process-driven approach results in quick time-to-hire, and takes the burden of a tiresome hiring process off you.
Prestige Development Group Typical Recruitment Freelancing
Time to Find a Perfect Match 1 – 2 Weeks 1 – 3 Months 2 – 4 Weeks
Quality Assurance Guaranteed Guaranteed Not Guaranteed
Hiring Cost Low High Low – Medium
Team Integration Fast Moderate Fast Moderate Moderate Slow
Termination Cost Low High Medium
Communication Efficiency Medium – High High Low – Medium
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JS - Developers on Demand
NodeJs removebg preview - Developers on Demand
AWS - Developers on Demand
A removebg preview - Developers on Demand
Andriod - Developers on Demand
Apple iphone - Developers on Demand
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