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Wellness Drip Lounge

Welcome to The Wellness Drip Lounge in Woodland, where luxury health and wellness meet under the ownership of Lilly Velazquez, an experienced Registered Nurse (RN) and passionate Latina. Our mission is to provide an unparalleled experience of rejuvenation and vitality through IV Vitamin Infusion and Energy Boosts via injection. With a focus on excellence, we …

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VTech Dealer Services

With Prestige Development Group, the company has overcome the challenges of remote hiring from unfamiliar locations. There is now a reliable method for staffing sites and expanding the business. Prestige Development Group has shown patience, support, and dedication in building a stable workforce.



Prestige Development Group (PDG) successfully undertook a challenging mobility app project for Leidos, a scientific research company, with a specific focus on cloud infrastructure, microservices, and UI/UX development. The project, which had a tight deadline, demanded expertise in iOS, facial biometrics, geolocation, and hands-free typing features. Leveraging AWS capabilities and APIs for microservices. The collaboration …

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Healthy Minds Innovations

Proving their true expertise, Prestige Development Group rewarded the client with a strategic onboarding process, allowing them to select a candidate with the skill set they needed. Diligent and communicative, the team maximized their client’s involvement in the process while remaining proactive.


Prestige Development Group has successfully filled the client’s vacant job positions in a timely manner and within a budget. The team has communicated well in providing quick responses and is receptive to feedback. They’ve ben attentive throughout the partnership.


Thanks to Prestige Development Group’s engagement, they’ve taken the time to understand the client’s needs and requirements and provided optimal solutions to occupy the job vacancy. Their diligence and thorough process are impressive in the partnership. They are also communicative and polite.


Thanks to Prestige Development Group, the client has onboarded 40 content writers worldwide. The team had a smooth hiring process, from screening to onboarding. The client was satisfied with the team’s work ethos and support throughout

Scaling insurance organization specializing in Crop Insurance

Confronted with the challenges of a burgeoning business, a prominent Crop Insurance-focused insurance organization encountered scalability issues, performance constraints, and stability concerns in its existing application due to rapid growth and increased application demands. The PSG team diligently delved into understanding their vision, thoroughly assessed the application, and acknowledged its limitations. Our team of creative …

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Document management company business process automation

A reputable document management company sought the expertise of the PSG team to harness business process automation for organizational expansion and cost management. PSG engaged in discussions with key stakeholders to assess the existing processes and future growth projections. Our output comprised a flexible .NET design, presenting a high-performance solution of diverse complexity that seamlessly …

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Casino process automation

Agile’s commitment to doing good, good work and strengthening residential and business communities is unwavering.What sets our solution apart is offering all three types of testing with a specialty in FDA authorized highly accurate, rapid, 10-Minute testing and combining it with building HVAC safety, wearable devices, screening technologies and state of the art data reporting. …

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